Friday, April 3, 2020

Online Week 1: In Review,

Is it Friday, already?

This week in English 10 we really did not do too much.  The good news is that all but two students are now in our online classroom, and I've connected with everyone in our class in some manner.

Good job everyone!

Your tasks this past week were:

1. Find a concert from the NPR Tiny Concert listings in You Tube. Copy and paste the link into the comments below the assignment.

   * Next: we will be using these next week for an assignment.
2. Begin reading - online - the class novel, Animal Farm. You should have read chapters 1 and 2.
   * Next: you will have an assignment on the characters and initial thoughts on the novel
3. Watch Kindness Diaries # 7 Friday!
    *Next: you will have a full week - until next Friday - to respond to the journal entry for that episode.  You will respond in google classroom.

Coming up:

  I'll be giving you a bit more work this coming week, but you will have several days to complete the assignments.
Need to contact me: comment in G Classroom, or send me an email:

Stay cool...and I don't mean the snow: gasp!

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Mrs Chase's Deep Thoughts...

My approach to this online learning is that you get to feeling comfortable and know how to find the information. So far so good?
 I am not assigning work everyday, but more than likely it will look like every other day.  If you miss a day of checking the sites, not to worry as you will normally have 4-5 days to complete an assignment. Whether you do it straight away or at the last moment is up to you all. So, rest and orient yourself as technology, power supply, and as state of mind allows.
I see other teachers planning meet ups with zoom and online video chats: that's so cool! I'm not going to force all of that right now.  We will get to that place slowly and gradually. Everyone is stressed enough, and I am just SO impressed with all of you and your ability to adapt to this odd time in our life.  It brings a little tear to me eye.

Once you are comfortable:

  •  start reading Animal Farm novel: read one chapter every two days. (so by Friday I'd like you to have read Chapter 1 and 2)
  • This Friday: Kindness Diary # 7 is coming up!
  • Add your link to Tiny Desk Concert on the classroom page: this IS for marks!

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Hello Everyone,
(this is cross-posted on the blog and on the google classroom spot)

I miss you!
I hope you are doing well and not driving your parents and/or your siblings too nuts. (just a little?) While we don't know how long we are going to be in this situation, I believe we should proceed as close to normal as we can. So, at this point you have two tasks to do, in order to set up online learning and teaching. Are you ready to accept this mission?

Here's your mission this week:
1. Sign into the google classroom spot: you may have already done this...but you need to add yourself to the class. Here's the class code: qntoh2l
2. Go to our class blog and follow by email: whatever email you check regularly is the one you want to use. Here's the blog:
Once you are on the blog page you will see a spot on the right corner where you can enter your email address.
Next, get ready to assume the role of an English 10 student again, on Monday March 30, 2020.
Enjoy the last several days of your non-break, 2 week spring break.
High fives,
Mrs. Chase

(this is cross-posted on the blog and on the google classroom spot)

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Getting Started and Welcome!

Hello and salutations to you!

Welcome to the new way a portion of your English 10 course will be delivered to you

Your first task will be to follow by email.

Here's how:

1. Above the side bar - to the right - you will see the Kindness Diary prompts, but above that is a space where you can follow by email.

2. In that space type in the email address you will be checking most frequently. I will be updating the blog with your assignments and special links, weekly, so you will want to stay updated.

3. Take a bow and pat yourself on the back.